Off Road Running Series

2019 17th Annual Off Road Running Series

2019 Events
Off Road results will be posted as soon as possible after the official results from each race are available and scored.

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Download a 2019 Off Road Series Brochure.

Robert Stenzel
Phone: 856-596-1626

2019 Off Road Series Club Challenge Rules

The off-road series has been created to offer USA Track & Field Mid-Atlantic members an alternative to road racing. The series seeks to introduce runners to different off-road races, i.e. trail running and XC. Our emphasis is on competition among club teams. Your questions or concerns are welcome.


  1. Participants in the series must complete the respective entry forms for each race in which they wish to compete. Race entries that prove unreadable or contain missing information (e.g. age or gender) shall be considered void for purposes of the series.
  2. Individuals competing in the series must be registered as a 2019 USA Track & Field Mid- Atlantic member before their performances will be scored. Memberships are done online at
  3.  Individuals who register through another association shall not be eligible for series scoring until their membership has been received by the Mid-Atlantic membership chair.
  4. Each of the races in the series retains the right to manage its entries, to determine whether to offer prize money, and to operate its own award ceremony. The Off-Road Series will function “after the fact” by using the official race results to determine overall individual and team standings. It is intended that current standings shall be on display at each race.
  5. When possible, a MA-USATF Representative will be present to answer questions.
  6. The 2019 series offers Mid-Atlantic clubs a team challenge independent of the individual competition. See the Off Road Series Club Challenge Rules or series coordinator for details.


  1. The Masters Age-Graded tables developed by World Master Athletics (WMA) will be used to score results in each race. Each finisher’s time will be divided into the standard for her/his age and gender; this calculation will produce a percentage which will be used to rank performances in the Club Challenge.
  2. The top 3 individual finishers in the Open (19-39), Masters (40-49), Grand Masters (50-59) and Seniors (60+) categories will receive awards.  Individual runners must participate in a minimum of 3 races to be eligible for awards.  Age group for the year is determined by the age of the runner at the first event that he/she runs.

Off-Road Club Challenge Rules:

  • 2019 USATF Mid-Atlantic membership is required for Clubs and Individuals
  • Scoring: 5 club members (at least 1 must be female)
  • Club transfers require a 90 day wait period, with a written request

**Reference Off-Road Series Club Challenge Rules for more details**

Off -Road Club Challenge Cash Awards:

  • 1st Place  — $650
  • 2nd Place — $500
  • 3rd Place — $400
  • 4th Place — $300
  • 5th Place — $200

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Disclaimer of Liability:
USA Track & Field Mid-Atlantic, its officers, members, and any or all sponsors of this off-road series disclaim any responsibility or liability for injury, loss or damages arising from your participation in this series. You assume full responsibility for being physically healthy and having sufficiently trained to enter races in this series and accept all risks, if any, consequent to your decision to participate in these races. Further, your participation in this series testifies to your permission for free use by USA Track & Field Mid-Atlantic, series sponsors, and each race in the series of your name and picture in any broadcast, telecast, or print media account of the series.