Association Transfers

How To Transfer to USATF Mid-Atlantic

If you want to join the USATF Mid-Atlantic Association but don’t live in eastern Pennsylvania or Delaware, you must first become a USATF member and then transfer to Mid-Atlantic. After transferring to Mid-Atlantic, you remain a Mid-Atlantic member unless you request another transfer.

Here is the procedure:

1. Sign up for USATF membership at or submit an application at a race or by mail.

2. After receiving your USATF membership number, complete a “Request for Transfer” form. You may either:

(a) Click here to open a new form, enter your answers, and attach it to an email. or(b) Copy the form below into an email and enter your answers there.

3. For athletes under age 19, include documents confirming that their parents and the Youth and Membership Chairs of both associations have approved the transfer.

4. Send the email to and

5. To be scored sooner in Mid-Atlantic’s running series, copy the email to the series coordinator:

Grand Prix Circuit: Billy Wright
Off-Road Series: Diane Hardies
Cross Country Series: Dave Thomas

Request for Transfer to USATF Mid-Atlantic


Fields marked with a * are required.

If you have competed for a club in a USATF-sanctioned event while you were a USATF member, enter the following information about the most recent event. (Your new club affiliation will not take effect until 90 days after that event.)

I understand that if the transfer is approved I will no longer be a member of the previous Association and will not receive the benefits afforded to members of that Association, including, but not limited to, scoring in its championships, representing its clubs in sanctioned events and voting in its meetings.