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USATF Mid-Atlantic 2018 Grand Prix and Club Challenge

2018 Events
Grand Prix results will be posted as soon as possible after the official results from each race are available and scored.

Information for Mid-Atlantic members regarding the Broad Street Run lottery…pending

The Broad Street Run Lottery will open on February 1st and remain open until 11:59 p.m. EDT, February 16th.   

2017 Standings:
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Purpose of the circuit:
The Grand Prix Circuit has been created to enhance the quality of road racing experiences for Mid-Atlantic athletes. These 11 races represent popular distances, using USATF-certified courses and offering USATF sanctions. That means you can be assured that each race meets the highest standards of management this area can provide.
The circuit offers long distance runners an opportunity to participate throughout the calendar year at a variety of distances and in locations around the tri-state area. Whatever your level of ability, this circuit has something for you. Check the Grand Prix Results page for race results.

Rules of the Circuit:

  1. Participants in the circuit must complete the respective entry forms for each race in which they wish to compete. Race entries that prove unreadable or contain missing information (e.g. age or gender) shall be considered void for purposes of the circuit.
  2. USATF Mid-Atlantic 2018 members who pre-register for a circuit event by the initial deadline may be able to get a discount from the stated entry fee.  Eligible circuit races will set up a “coupon code” for Mid-Atlantic members to avail themselves of the discount via online registration. See the 2018 Grand Prix Events link above for the code for each race.
  3. Individuals competing in the circuit must be registered as a USATF athlete member before their performances will be scored.  All USATF registrations/renewals are now being done online.  Runners must register/renew BEFORE their race to be scored.
  4. Individuals who register through another association shall not be eligible for circuit scoring until their membership transfer request has been received by the Mid-Atlantic membership chair.
  5. Individuals shall be scored for age-group and age-graded competition up to a maximum of 6 performances (the 6 highest WMA% scores) from these 9 event opportunities.
  6. Each of the races on the circuit retains the right to manage its entries, to determine whether to offer prize money, and to operate its own award ceremony. This Grand Prix Circuit will operate “after the fact” by using the official race results to determine overall standings. It is intended that current standings shall be on display at each circuit race.
  7. The final weekend events (Phila Marathon, Half Marathon or 8K on Nov. 17 & 18) offers athletes an alternative. Any one race between Nov. 17 & 18 will score in all categories and may be chosen based the athlete’s preference for racing distance.
  8. A Mid-Atlantic long-distance running representative shall generally be present at each circuit race to answer questions and interpret rules.
  9. The 2018 circuit offers Mid-Atlantic clubs a team challenge independent of the individual competition. See the Club Challenge rules (2018 rules pending) on the MA-USATF website or Grand Prix coordinator for details.

Scoring the Circuit:

  1. The 2015 Masters Age-Graded Tables developed by World Masters Athletics (WMA) will be used to score results in each race. Each finisher’s time will be divided into the standard for his/her age and gender; this calculation produces a performance percentage used in the Age-Graded competition.
  2. The sum of Age-Graded percentages for each individual from his/her 6 best events will be used in the Age-Graded competition. The top ten males and the top ten females will receive Age-Graded awards.
  3. The circuit will also feature Age-Group competition. Athletes compete in 5-year intervals beginning at age 15 based on their age on the date of their first Grand Prix event of the year and remain in that age group for the remainder of the year. The sum of age-group placement for each person’s 6 best events will be used to determine this competition. Awards in each age group will be based on the number of competitors, with a minimum of one. Athletes must complete at least three (3) Grand Prix races in the current year to be eligible for an Age Group award.
  4. Individuals who compete in all 9 race “events” shall be given particular recognition at the next award luncheon and shall receive a personalized certificate mounted for wall display. Nov. 17/18 counts as one race.

**Additional scoring information: Points are awarded on a 5-3-1 scale to first through third places in each age-group. If an athlete competes in both the Rothman 8K and either the Philadelphia Marathon or Half Marathon the next day, only their better age-group placement from the two races will be used to award their points.**

Disclaimer of Liability:
USATF Mid-Atlantic, its officers, members, and any or all sponsors of this Grand Prix circuit disclaim any responsibility or liability for injury, loss, or damages arising from your participation in this circuit. You assume full responsibility for being physically healthy and having sufficiently trained to enter races on this circuit and accept all risks, if any, consequent to your decision to participate in these races. Further, your participation in this circuit testifies to your permission for free use by USATF Mid-Atlantic, circuit sponsors, and each race in the circuit of our name and picture in any broadcast, telecast, or print media account of the circuit.